Why your logo is THE most valuable member of your team

Why your logo is THE most valuable member of your team

Your logo is the ‘Gatekeeper’ of your business.

Your logo’s job is to grasp that coveted ‘Holy Grail’. The all important conversion from a visitor who is browsing to a customer who is buying. Your logo can start that conversation with your potential customers about the benefits of your product or service – before you even make contact with them’

In this day and age with so many options at our fingertips, your logo has never  been more important

Tips for Designing a Logo for Your Business That Your Customers Will Love

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The design HAS to appeal to your ideal customer, homework is required before approaching a designer. Your logo is an investment in your business and will help generate leads –  some will convert into sales.

  1. Target Audience – Your business is all about the customer – Do you know who your ideal customer is? Where do they shop? What brands do they like? Where are located? Once you know these details you can build your logo and brand style.
  2. Relevance – A logo is not designed to appeal to you  – it’s for your customers! Maximise your appeal to your target audience.
  3. Colours  – remember your logo has to look good in black and white. A logo with lots of different colours may not look at its best in monochrome.  It also maybe an idea to have a colour inverted logo (such as my own) I have it in maroon, white only for watermarking and white on maroon background.
  1. Location, location, location – is your logo going to printed on promotional items or is it for digital purposes only? Think about its shape and size. Will it be embroidered onto t-shirts? If so make it a simple design with clean details so they don’t get lost when stitched.
  2. Two versions – Is it worth having an ‘Avatar’ (a small version) for things like social media? Or for marketing material with limited space (pens etc). Also it maybe worth while forward planning  and creating a design which can be amended for seasonal occasion like Christmas time (please see my example fo the Craftsman Gardener logo).
  3. The Designer – getting ‘that’ connection with a designer is so important. The right designer will be able to take the ideas from your head and with your direction, create a relevant design which will add value to your business.
  4. The Software – If your logo is going to be blown up to epic proportions (ie billboards, vehicle livery) make sure you ask the designer what kind of file they are creating for you. If you logo needs to be big – make sure its a vector file  – this means your logo can be blown up to any size and never lose quality.
  5. The Process –  Sometimes it can take a while to achieve exactly what’s required. This is ok.  Sometimes it’s hard to extract the idea from your head onto screen/paper.
  6. Value – “WOW that’s expensive, I can get that for a fiver online” A frequented phrase I hear thrown about nowadays. It may cost a reasonable sum of money to crack your logo and brand style. This is entirely normal and in most instances worth every penny. Please remember that the initial investment is likely to pay you back numerous time in leads generated from your logo.

To reiterate – it’s super important to do your homework prior to connecting with a designer to help you achieve that valuable design in an efficient time frame.

Please have a look at my ‘Other Design Services page to find out more about how I can help you achieve what your business needs.

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