A Wedding Table Plan with an ‘Out of this World’ feel

A Wedding Table Plan with an ‘Out of this World’ feel

Custom Wedding Table Plan

A couple of weeks ago, I sent off this A0 Wedding Table Plan to a local printer Winter and Simpson Print in Dundee. I have been working on this design for a good few months – it has been SUCH a great experience.


This weekend I was able to see the masterpiece in its final desired location – WOW is all I can say! Not only was the design magnificent at such a big size, but so was the print finish (well-done guys)!!


This project is super special to me as it is a custom design made especially for my beautiful friends. I feel so honoured that they asked me to create it. It flexed my design muscles and gave me a great excuse to try different ideas and learn new skills.


My friends are HUGE are scifi fans and wanted this theme through the design. Each table was a mode of transport from a sci fi movie or sci fi tv show. I took this a step further.  I decided to make the background of the plan reflect this too with 2×2 cubes of scenes from one of the shows/films. It worked so well, I faded the images down to make the circles stand out with the guest’s names. This also highlighted the table names clearly. I designed matching Table Name cards to match.


It was really lovely to hear the guests commenting on the Wedding Table Plan and also to see the delight on my friends’ faces when they told me how much they loved it (that’s is definitely the best bit about what I do)!


Please have a look at my other designs for inspiration, keep in mind that I can create wedding invitations and on the day stationery completely for you.

If I can help you in any way please contact me for a chat.

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